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How to Attract Hot Asian Brides Without Any Special Skills

Guys, you need to know how to pick up hot Asian women. That’s right, the Asian culture is a very strong one, and holds many secrets that the Western society has never known about. It is no wonder that so many men are attracted to the Asian culture, because it really does hold many secrets that are not discussed within the regular circles of our society. Here are some things that you can use to your advantage when trying to get her to want to be with you:


Be yourself. This goes hand in hand with the first point made above. Many hot Asian women have a more conservative upbringing, and they are used to men who dress well and take care of themselves. If you dress poorly or have a dirty shirt, this will turn off many of these women. You have to be confident in who you are and what you have, otherwise she won’t feel attracted to you.


Don’t make assumptions. One of the biggest mistakes that men make when dating an Asian woman is making assumptions about what she wants. Do not assume that because you both speak English, or she wears a skirt, that she is attracted to you. This may be true for some, but it isn’t necessarily true for all. Take note of the time of day that she dresses and if she tends to walk with a limp, you may want to avoid spending too much time with her.









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Don’t be pushy. Once you have established that she is attracted to you, be sure to let her come to you and not try to force her to talk to you. Many men will approach Asian women and immediately begin to touch her in ways that they are uncomfortable with. If you do this, you will likely scare her away. Instead, let her come to you and begin talking to her.


Talk dirty. It is a fact that many hot Asian women love to hear dirty talk. However, do not overdo it and use too much profanity (this can offend some Asian cultures). However, this doesn’t mean that you need to drop everything to tell her how sexy she is. You can still compliment her on her looks. After all, looks aside, you two are still friends.


Use your height advantage. Most sexy Asian women are shorter than Western women, so you can use this to your advantage. Look at her and tell her that you can look better than her if you put on a few more inches. You don’t want to come on as if you are still in junior high.


Talk about her family. Most women do not talk much about their past even with their own parents. If you want to score big with Asian women, share some memories about yours and her family. Most women do not mind if you talk about your own experiences, but it is important to make her feel as close to you as possible.


The most important thing that you can take away from this is to remember that you do not have to dress like a woman! Women are attracted to men who are self-confident and well-groomed. There are no rules when it comes to dating Asian women. The more you expose yourself, the more chances you will get. So, let go of those duds and go ahead and start looking for hot Asian women right now.


After you find one, remember that she is not perfect. No woman is and there are hundreds of them out there. Some women can be cold to men, while others can be too hot and friendly. The best way to approach Asian women is to be yourself and approach them naturally.


Be confident and act like an alpha male. Hot Asian women are normally very shy but it is important to gain the confidence so that you can start approaching them. You have to be able to carry yourself with poise and confidence.


When you are looking for Asian women, you need to know that you should never judge a book by its cover. Some women may have perfect complexions but they are usually pale skin. This does not mean that they are ugly. In fact, most Asian women have beautifully complexions that can be hard to describe.

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